Dealmaking Automation for Dealmakers

Automating workflows can cut down time and cost for dealmakers. Automated workflows streamline tasks and help dealmakers manage the entire sales process from prospecting to closing a deal. By utilizing automation, dealmakers are able to spend more time on their existing clients and building strong relationships with potential buyers.

A workflow that is automated can modify a lead’s score whenever their status changes. This lets you track their behavior easily and evaluate the performance of your sales team. This allows you to monitor the performance of your sales team and identify trends. This can help you make informed decision about training, support and resources.

You can also design an automated system that triggers when a deal reaches a certain stage. For instance If you have an account where a rep requires assistance from an engineer during the course of a demonstration then you can create go to this web-site an automation that assigns an assignment to the relevant deal and assigns it to a specific person. The task description could include details from any of the deal properties.

Another way to leverage deal automation is to use it for onboarding and upselling/cross-selling campaigns. Automated messages send, for instance, an email with helpful tips for the salesperson or a group when an offer reaches the Closed Won phase. This could include setup guides or product tutorials. This keeps you top of the minds of your customers and encourages them to engage after the sale.