What Are the Different Types of Data Security?

Data security safeguards digital information from https://mobilevdr.com/types-of-data-security-technologies/ unauthorized access or theft regardless of whether it’s in storage, in transit or in use. It is the result of using various tools, technologies and practices like access control encryption data masking, sensitive file redaction tokenization, hashing and key access management. Physical security is also a part of it, which helps safeguard equipment and facilities that hold sensitive data.

Avoiding breaches: In addition to regulatory compliance, preventing leaks of data helps maintain customer trust and creates an image that is positive for the company. This is especially true for small companies, which may be subject to reputational damage as well as financial losses if customers’ PII is revealed.

Protects sensitive information: Important information, like a bank’s client list or hospital’s patient record isn’t supposed to be available to prying eyes. This information helps companies keep their competitive edge by ensuring its security.

Provides accessibility: Data that isn’t available when needed is of no use to anyone, so it’s crucial to have a backup plan for recovering data that’s stored. There are options to aid in preventing downtime caused by ransomware attacks. These include cloud-based disaster recover as a service and data snapshots.

Deletes outdated information: If a business doesn’t require certain files anymore, it should delete them completely from its systems, and not simply overwrite space with new data. Data erasers are using software to overwrite any files on any device, so that they cannot be recovered.