How to Ace the Corporate Board Seat Interview

During the interview for a board position, the panel will inquire about your board readiness and how you can add value to the company. Boards generally seek candidates with a high level of expertise in the industry as well as a broad perspective and specialized skills that complement those of current board members.

To demonstrate the value of this To demonstrate this value, you must be able to give examples of the strategic decisions you have made in the past at the committee or board level. You could also be asked about your governance experience and your adherence to ethical standards.

The panel will also ask you to express your views about the company’s approach and its position in the marketplace as well as industry trends. You should be prepared to respond to these questions in a concise and compelling manner that will give the interviewers an accurate idea of what you think.

Interviewers are likely to inquire about your leadership approach, how you interact with colleagues in a group setting, and if there are any conflicts of interests that you might face in the boardroom. You should see be aware of all possible conflicts and be able to talk about the best way to handle them in the event of a crisis.

Be prepared for a long vetting process. The board may move in a deliberate, iterative way. Director searches can be as lengthy as the searches for CEOs.