The Benefits of Board Pack Software

Board pack software organizes all the necessary information into single file that directors can easily access from their tablets, computers, or smartphones. Board members do not have to communicate with each other via insecure channels like email. All documents are presented in their most recent version. If an amendment or new report needs to be added the report can be added in the board pack quickly, and every user will receive a live notice letting them know the changes were made.

It’s tempting to include as many details as you can in your board packs to comply with rules and provide the most value in meeting preparation. But, this can cause confusion or overwhelm board directors who require simple and concise reports that are clear and concise. The most effective boards strike the right balance between ensuring strict compliance and adding value to the business. They utilize templates, use logically-ordered information, and stick to the most precise language, and avoid overly technical material.

The chair of the board holds the sole responsibility for the contents of the board’s pack and should be the one taking the lead over ensuring the content is accurate and relevant. Board members are busy and may not have time to read and absorb a board’s contents in the span of two weeks. The ideal timeframe for submitting board documents is 7-10 days. This gives members ample time to absorb, read and focus on the material.