Keep Share and Edit Your Data Safe

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Share and edit data safely

The majority of us work with documents. The ability to share files between platforms, devices and clients, from word documents and emails to PowerPoint presentations and spreadsheets is a vital part of our everyday lives. But with a growing number of cyber-attacks in the news, many of us are concerned about how secure the files we share are.

File sharing is an ideal method of collaboration and expanding on ideas, but it’s important to be mindful of how much access you grant to your coworkers. If you keep your data open for too long hackers could easily get in and compromise your privacy.

You can ensure that your sensitive data secure by following a few simple guidelines when sharing files. First of all, only send the information they need to access, this reduces the possibility that a lot of your data will fall to the wrong hands in the event of an incident or leak. Use equipment that prevents unauthorised editing of files. For example when you’re working on an Excel spreadsheet, there are programs that can secure the file while editing. This prevents malicious or accidental modifications and ensures that the numbers remain in order.

Firms also need to be aware of the dangers associated with online file transfer services. The use of these kinds of systems could make your organisation vulnerable to a vast array of possible threats and it can be difficult for administrators to know where files have been sent and what type of access was granted, or even if they’ve been sent at all.