Online Games

Online games are games that require players to connect to the Internet to play. The games that are online, in contrast to video and computer games which require a specific hardware to play, are typically independent of platforms. They make use of the standard Web browsers and plug-ins for the game’s interface. Online games differ from the traditional video and computer games in that they typically have a social component, such as the creation of a persona or avatar. They can also allow players to interact and communicate with other players around the world.

The popularity of online gaming has grown quickly since the early 1990s as the technology for communication over networks improved. With the rapid development of social media, developers were able leverage the power of Facebook and other popular platforms to create “Facebook games,” such as Zynga’s Mafia Wars and Farmville, that appealed to a broad public by simplifying game design and graphics, and encouraging players to invite friends to join in the game. With the advent of tablets and smart phones, the amount of online games have significantly increased, with many of them leveraging the power of mobile technology to connect many players in virtual multiplayer experiences.

When choosing a game online, it is important to do an attentive consideration of gaming preferences, a thorough investigation of reviews and ratings, active engagement within gaming communities, and consideration of accessibility and cost. Additionally, trusted adults should discuss their gaming habits with children and other young people to ensure they are making the best decisions for themselves.

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