Investment Fund Management Reports

The quality of investment fund management reports can play a significant role in attracting and retention of customers. Investors want access to clear information about the fund’s investment goal as well as the risk level and costs together with the performance metrics and details of holdings.

Investors should also have information on the amount of the fees that are due to their account in the semi-annual or the annual shareholder report, depending on the business. If it is a mutual fund will include a breakdown of total fees paid by each shareholder, as well as an explanation of the method of distributing these fees in relation to the performance of the fund.

Many businesses might have difficulty providing this information as part of an overall performance report. In the end, most investors are able to access their funds through the broker-dealers’ omnibus accounts. To provide personalised fee data, a broker-dealer would need to create interfaces with the record owners of these omnibus accounts to calculate and distribute this information to each individual shareholder.

Technology allows for these complex requirements for reporting to be met, without the need for re-designing internal systems. Clearwater Analytics provides an industry leading SaaS solution for investment accounting and reporting, enabling growth for more than 1,100 clients including pension plans, government, asset managers and global insurers. Our platform is fully integrated with the industry-leading suite of Broadridge’s Analytics Master Data Warehouse and can be accessed via the web and mobile dashboard application. This enables the delivery of high-quality investment-performance-net-of-fees and other reporting outputs for both client and regulatory purposes.