Surf Spots for Newbies

If your bucket list this summer is to learn how to surf, Bali’s definitely a great place to start. The coasts have a number of surf schools and camps, plus surf shacks that rent out all types of boards.

We’d recommend testing the waters at the original surfer’s spot, Kuta Beach. It’s long, sandy, and the swells are small and reliable especially in the morning. Walk further north and you’ll find Legian and Seminyak Beach, both of which have left and right breaks that are perfect for beginners.

If you’re in Canggu, lucky you! The stretch in front of Old Man’s is prime learning turf. There’s a shallow lagoon where the waves are perfect for beginners.

Staying further down south? Jimbaran Beach also has its fair share of surf schools and the waves break over a sand bank so you won’t have to worry about falling on sharp rocks.

Extract courtesy of The Bali Bible